The Label


The label for Local Food of Northern Estonia


The label Local Food of Northern Estonia is a trademark, mutually agreed by Northern Estonia’s food entrepreneurs. It can be used for labelling food or services for a certain period of time (3 years, then the mark renewal must be applied again). The label is based on mutual trust between applicant and local food network.

The label of local food is applicable in two categories:

  • to region’s local goods and food producers
  • to local food providers (accommodation and programmes introducing local food included)

The label was introduced by Arenduskoda in 2013. A concept of it was worked out together with entrepreneurs and broadened within the frames of local food project in 2016 with East-Harju, Partners and PAIK Leader action groups. The region of Northern Estonian local food label is Nort-Estonia: the Parishes of Kuusalu, Vihula, Tapa, Kadrina, Ambla, Anija, Raasiku, Aegviidu, Kose, Väike-Maarja, Tamsalu, Laekvere, Rakke, Haljala, Rakvere, Sõmeru, Vinni, Viru-Nigula and two towns – Loksa and Kunda, in ohter words Leader regions Arenduskoda, East-Harju, PAIK and Partners.


The goals of local food label


  • to support the cooperation and network of region’s local entrepreneurs, including joint marketing, product development and sales;
  • to help creating visibility and differentiation in the market, and to support sustainable development of regional products and services;
  • to help enhancing the reputation of the region through valuing the local food resources and services, and to help networking of local food producers and providers


The vision of local food label


There is a functional supportive local food network in the region, which values local goods and favours healthy eating. Local food with the label on it has always a distinguishable quality food reputation.

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